Tuesday, 17 March 2009

It is COLD in the UK :D

This is the view I awoke to this morning...
It may look an awful mess but it means I'M BACK!!! I'm back in the UK :D
I've already gone to see those people that are essential to see, so now its time to resettle into the country, get my life in order etc. It all starts today so showing you this photo is a bit of an incentive to actually sort. The mess to sort out includes... piles and piles of washing, piles and piles of recycling, piles and piles of paperwork then piles and piles of stash goodies to organise :)

I'm going to be Miss Procrastination and show progress reports! It is after all a WIP of a design nature... OK that is a stretch.

Also in crafting-land, Laura who blogs as Dragonfly Mystic received my biscornu exchange pack, she posted some lovely close up photos, this is just one I took before it flew away:

I plan to put up the patterns as soon as I make it a bit more user friendly. I knew I was going to design the biscornu for my partner since it seemed like fun - I couldn't wait to experiment with this continuing line thing (where the 'ground' continues around the circle, with parts of it on the underneath/back square) and I think it worked out. I'm thinking of another design with boats on waves... Laura was very nice with her comments so as per the Rules in my first post:

7) Share ideas and encourage others. (Pattern to come)
8) Never worry that your work 'isn't good enough' or that others might not like it.
10) If someone praises you, believe them and say thank you nicely!

So thank you nicely Laura!!!

I'm a bit worried about the biscornu my partner has sent, mail was always slow in reaching the base but I hoped there would be enough time before I finished my tour. When it reaches Iraq it should be automatically forwarded to me but I feel bad for my partner whoever he/she is - I know I'd be worried about it, so I'm sorry I've left too soon (but also I'm NOT sorry that I got out of there when I did)!!

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