Saturday, 28 March 2009

Dressmaking Basic Block

Today I finally got around to crafting using my newly acquired stash :)

I've been thinking of how to create my wavy edge dress and whether or not to just 'go for it' or 'go for it with a different fabric, then modify' etc etc. But when I saw this tutorial I thought I'd give it a try.

It seemed very complicated and I had to redo a few measurements but I came up with a 'toile' for a bodice and then made it so that it was extending down to my hips. 
It ended up being a little bit big around the waist and the arms didn't feel right, so I modified a bit, nipped in here and altered a line there. Cut the next attempt to include a 12 inch A-line skirt and... voila!

Ok, this fits perfectly if I wasn't trying to suck my tummy in for a nice photo to send to the boyfriend in Afghanistan!! And the colour is horrible hence why I used it for 'experimenting' :) I might dye it a dark colour then I can actually wear this!

Now that I have the basic design blocks that fit me, I can tweak and adjust for various designs - I can add sleeves, change the shoulders, the neckline, the skirt flare and length and the way its cut to fit together - lots of possibilities! For my wavy edge dress (which now, I'm considering making a straight edge but trimmed with lines of ribbon) I think I'll narrow the shoulders a tad and make a more open neckline but leaving the rest as it is :)

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