Friday, 14 August 2009

Creative Space

I've been reorganising to seperate crafts/work area and bedroom area. Reorganising through all my crafts thing spurred me on to make some hanging ornaments! The orange flowers are made using 'plarn' from plastic bags, the tiny puffy stars and the origami ball were made using tutorials from Folding Trees, the crepe flowers inspired by Martha Stewart Crafts Dept. The Union Jacks were the ones we waved at DBs pride parade.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Costume Making

I haven't bought any clothes since the start of 2009. None. Not even tights yet though I will HAVE to because I need them for my uniform. But I've made it a rule to not buy ANY clothing (apart from tights) for the whole year. Its been hard in some ways but actually hasn't caused me any problems.
Until specific fancy dress is needed. So in a combined time of about 4 hours I managed to make both mine and DBs 'emergency services' fancy dress costumes. Both leave a little to be desired, but I'm still proud!!!
I also managed to efficiently use my mannequin and love how much easier it is to construct a dress :)

Steiner Dolls

I started making two Steiner or Waldorf style dolls. Strictly speaking they aren't as they don't use the finest and purest ingredients of plain wool and cotton. In fact, so far they use child's elbow Tubigrip, old desert uniform t-shirt, shredded polyester quilters wadding and car-boot-sale wool!
This second head now sports a full ponytail of hair but the method I used means she has too much bald spots when you part her hair. I have a few ideas on how to improve and one day I'd like to do a tutorial on how I would do both male and female hair :)

Monday, 10 August 2009

Modifying DBs Hat

DB had a spare uniform hat that he had ripped apart to try to make it more floppy (this makes it look more old fashioned and 'cooler'). But of course putting it back together again requires sewing skills...
So I've ripped out the structural element and sewn it back together again, but then added a nice dark blue satin lining with his surname embroidered in too (obviously smudged out for good reasons).
I also tacked down the edges to give it a head start in getting the best 'droopy' look.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Lost Dollz :(

When I was at Uni I discovered an online art that was 'dollz'. Spelling with a 'z' seemed to mean searching was easier and took away conventional doll results. Dollz are pixel art figures, you start with a 'base' which is an image of a figure with no clothes and no hair. You then digitally draw on hair and clothing to create the finished doll. In my time 'dolling' I had a website showcasing my dollz and entered several contests where I won a few prizes. I must have spent hours and hours dolling. But I neglected my dollz and site occasionally as my crafting took me in other directions and now I realise my dollz site lapsed without me realising. In the meantime I changed computer and my old computer died. So I've lost all that work :(
I remembered I uploaded once to an online image storage site and managed to find the doll above. I can't remember which 'doller' created the base - I really should be mentioning and linking them to give them due credit. I remember I originally made this for a 'geisha' contest. She wasn't my best and I really wish I could get my dollz back to showcase again :(
I might stumble upon a file now and then to display but I think most are lost forever!