Thursday, 30 July 2009

More Crochet

After declaring that I wasn't inclined to make full size clothing and granny squares with crochet, I went ahead and started to make... granny squares... then started a cardigan. I figured I'd try to follow a load of tutorials to learn the basic crochet stitches and realised granny squares could be like the crochet 'sampler'. I'm doing them all in these colours:
...which I feel look like a heather/woodland mix. You can see the ones I've made so far, as well as the start of 1st an abandoned cardigan pattern then at the bottom of the picture the start of the one I'm in the middle of now.
The cardigan is going to be a holey (quick) crochet stitched tie-wrap number and I'm measuring and deciding on shape as I go.
I also sewed some odd buttons onto my amigurumi egg and fuzz-ball :)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Headset covers

In work we all have these ugly headsets and a lot of people have customised 'knickers' which are the earpiece covers. One new girl turned up with an amazing 'Sully' from Monsters Inc headset cover and told us how at her last base a girl was making all sorts of themed covers for her colleagues for a token cost for the fabrics. I thought I'd have a go to see how expensive and quick they were to make. This was the first and I did a lot of experimenting to get the right sizes, stretchiness for the 'knickers', shape and attaching of the ears and horns and the positions of the poppers that close the headpiece around the top of the headset. All in all it took me around 3 hours but I think I could get it to two :)

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


I made this beanbag for DB's sister and her husband. They have a cream living room with brown acents, this is just the beanbag - I forgot to take a picture of the cover in my haste to get there for the weekend. The cover is constructed the same way except there is brown piping along the seams, a small circle to cover the joins edged with brown thread to pick up the piping colour, and the bottom is covered with another larger circle that has a large velcro fastening down the centre so it can be removed washed or maybe replaced if they change colour scheme.

Monday, 20 July 2009

I can crochet!!!

I've been following June's 'Planet June' blog for a while and really admire her crochet patterns - she actually made me wish I could crochet whereas granny square quilts and full size clothing don't! After following her tutorials and several on youtube when I got stuck, I've managed these three using a bag of wool I picked up at a car boot which handily had some needles in...
They are left to right: Basic Rose (donation ware) | Amigurumi Acorn (freebie) made just as an amigurumi egg | Mini Fuzzball (freebie)

This is what the yarn I used for the fuzzball looks like - it was very fiddly but the only 'fuzzy' stuff I had!!
I'm pretty happy I actually managed to crochet something let alone three 'somethings' :D

Right, I'm off to go make a donation after using the rose pattern :)


I made this dress to wear to the ball last week, I had one day and didn't want to spend any money hence no zip and I used several co-ordinating fabrics. It was quite simple - large patched 'tube' gathered with covered elastic at the waist then the top half is a simple rectangle, darted slightly at the bust, neckline cut out and the sash tie makes the edge.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Bias Binding

In an attempt to work out how to make and use piping, I made some multi-coloured scraps to make binding :)
Notice the complete lack of ironing!
Then I made a pot holder, I quite like it actually :)

I grew these!

I'm pretty excited that I actually grew the green part of a meal for Steve and I from seed! Everyone else on the planet probably did this by the time they were five, but I'm still really pleased :)
I've been doing lots of crafts stuff recently but will blog in different updates over the next few days :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

In June...

A pencil roll as per You Go Girl's blog :D

I've had my eyes lazered! This is me after the preliminary checks where they relax your eye muscles to check the prescription... so HUGE pupils!

I waved a flag and cheered as DB paraded
I've been doing lots of fitness classes in BRIGHT clothing
I've been growing in pots.
and taken photos as I talk to them.. heres a morning glory all pretty and rolled up
heres one of the roses from last years bushes
heres some yellowness from a bush I don't know that has always been in this garden since I moved in