Thursday, 26 March 2009

Folding gadget

I saw this video on YouTube ages ago and remembered it when I started to fold all my fabrics. The fabric folding has taken longer than might have been expected from my post waaay down there... that's because I got a bit of a guilt trip on and decided to wash and iron every bit of fabric before putting it all away smelling of attic :) So heres the tutorial for folding in a remarkably OCD-style manner :)
You will need... bits of cardboard, craft knife, cutting mat and straight edge, packing tape.
Decide on the finished size of the folded fabric, I've cut these to make 6 inch squares. For 6 inch squares I needed one larger piece, two long pieces 6 inches wide and one 6 inch square.This is the layout it should end up like.Start by taping down one of the longer pieces to the large (base) piece.
Fold it over and tape the edge on the back too.
Measure with the square and line up the second long piece onto the base.Take the square piece awayAnd tape the second long piece front and back. I'd also tape the top if you have a jaggedy edge to stop fabric catching on it.Now measure the square from the top and mark (or hold you finger there :) )Place the square where the mark was and tape front and back.

Thats it finished!! To use it... 

Line your fabric up with the top and the right hand edge
Fold over the edges to line up with the left and bottomFor larger pieces of fabric you might have to start with a folded piece or fold in from all sides.Now using the long edges, fold them over bringing the fabric with it. I tend to place a finger into the fold to help the fabric fold cleanly (I couldn't do this with the camera!).Then fold up the bottom flap
Leaving you with a nicely folded square :)Repeat for your entire stash :)
This is my six inch pile, consisting of fabrics that can only fit one 12 inch square, for fabrics that I could get at least 2 12 inch square pieces out of, I have a 12 inch folder :)
Here are my 12 inch piles, sorted into upholstery weight, curtain weight, heavy cotton, patchwork weight cotton, and lighter than cotton piles :)
Phew! The work was mainly in the ironing though :)

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