Saturday, 28 March 2009


Yay! I'm finally al organised and back in my nice neat room :) Here is the bed with my grandma's quilt, only very organised underbed storage - I had to do it in the end ;)

Next up is my modified wardrobe. I've put lots of clothes onto a hanging rail in a cupboard in the hall to make room!
Next section - the chest is full of scrapbooking/papercraft goodies and the black box holds cross stitch WIPs/UFOs

My beautiful desk which has some imitation leather underneath the glass which is the same stuff I made cushions for the bed with and covered my notice board so everything is tied in together. The desk gets completely cleared for new projects. On the left is a new white caddy that has six drawers I've organised by colour and I throw anything fabric craft related into the drawers - ribbon, embroidery thread, buttons, ink pads, sparkly things... 
On top and under the TV is a basic IKEA drawer chest which holds what an American lady might call 'sewing notions' :)
I am so so happy to have the feeling of space back and I even managed to finally get around to creating something today. Will say in the next post ;)

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