Wednesday, 18 March 2009

So this is what the room currently looks like. It still looks a mess but is actually now organised. The 'war' pile awaits freshly dried laundry before storage in 'sand' and 'forest' colour combinations. Paperwork awaits valuable time and dedicated phone and internet sessions.The rest is (new) craft acquisitions. Not all bought, some rescued, but still. Hmmm.
Rule 3) Never worry that your 'stash' is too big.

Have decided that my current built in wardrobe might have to become a crafts cupboard and will move unnecessary things like ball dresses and uniform to the store cupboard or the wardrobes in the spare room...
The store cupboard has a large quantity of previous stash too. Definitely re-assign wardrobe.

So now I'm going to spend my evening folding some piles of fabric from this...
to piles like this...
using two cardboard squares of 6 and 12 inch squares as my templates :)
Oh, and this is a dress I hope to make soon. In fact, I'd like to meet my boyfriend when he gets of the plane on return from Afghanistan wearing this and some brown boots and maybe a smart brown jacket :) Still have to decide on wavy hair or straight hair and what make-up to wear!!!!

I would like to make the bottom edge of the dress wavy - planning to do that on the overlocker then attach that 'ruffled ribbon knitting yarn' to the edge
Oh, and here is a leftover picture of yesterday in my sensible tidying foot-attire.
Well, the girls of my friend I went a-visiting yesterday LOVED this :)

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Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...and welcome home!!!!!