Sunday, 22 February 2009

Unhealthy Stash Enlargement

Hmmm. I've got my package for the Biscornu Exchange ready (it has been for days), I just need to be able to catch the Army guy who mans the post office for ten minutes every third day. In the meantime... I've been on ebay a *couple* of times and bought quite a lot.

Lace and trim
Mercenised cotton
Procion MX Dye Kit
Seed/Bugle Beads
Mixed Embroidery Skeins
Mixed cushion panels and fabric remnants and bundles
Little Dolls
6mm Ribbon in a selection of colours
Bias Tape
Tubes to store beads and bits
Rotary Cutter

Also from Calico Laine I've bought the metal bits to make fabric buttons and some extra wide satin ribbon,

From The Tabby Cat:

these are both UK based FQ and quiling online stores :)
I've also been browsing loads and one of the best things ever is typing 'japanese craft books' into Google Images :D
I'm actually looking forward to organising my newly aquired stash and reorganising the stuff I already have - I'll have some time off once I get back from Iraq - bliss!


Heather said...

Having a good stash is a very healthy project, always something readily available to make you feel good and take a healthy breath of "ahhhh"! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, I am flattered.

I think you are doing an extremely brave thing and hope that your return home is quick!

Dragonflymystic said...

I received your biscornu and fob and... package today... I have posted on my blog and on the HOE blog. WOW what a beautiful job you did! If you actually made the design you should think about having it published! I said so on my blog, and already someone has agreed!! I am thrilled with the package!! thank you! I love your blog as well and so I hope you do not mind if I look here and there and link to it? I love your rules too... I started in the beginning...
thank you so much!