Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Been busy today...

...as its the last day of my leave, back at work tomorrow :( I'm really not looking forward to this as I've enjoyed time to myself and gotten rather used to it!!
So in my last few hours of holiday-esqu crafting I serged the edges of my basic block pattern, edited the basic dress pattern (slightly different) to include some extra darts I added right at the end to make it fit better, and started these:
they're the start of some calico 'models' for basic bag shapes. The idea is I'll have a few 'models' and inside each will be the serged template with the area that becomes the 'front' marked on. This way if I fancy whipping up a bag with a design on the front I know what dimensions to use and it will all work up fairly quickly.
I've already taken A LOT of photos
- 12x12 square with a 1.5" squared off bottom with 1, 2, 3 + 4 inches turned down, square then trapezoid, then all the same but with a 2.5" square
-10x10 square with 1" and 2" squared bottom with all of the above etc etc
I'll be able to pic the bag I want and have the pattern and front design/embelishment area within seconds. And you will too once I figure the best way to present it :)

And... this evening I got my new rotary cutter out.... and started to cut squares, and started to arrange them, and came up with this:
I deliberately put the blues in the middle few columns and the darker squares nearer the edges, and I like the faint 'cross' that seems to leap out... am I the only one who sees it?!
so here they are ready to sew together :) They are all 8.5" so hopefully with .25" seam allowance the whole quilt will measure 80"x72" which should drape over my queen size and if I ever own a king size it'll be perfect for that too!

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