Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Progress Report

Day so far....

Make Tea.
Make bed - this creates a vague feeling of tidiness if you only look at one corner of the room. Arrange stuffed toys to look like they love one another. Spray DBs t-shirt with more of his cologne so when I hug it it smells like him :) Carefully take photo to not show much floor or mess.
Dress in suitable, sensible clothing.
Notice that it is a beautiful day outside and wouldn't clothes smell and feel nice if dried in the outdoors. Admire tea pots.
Notice how the colours of tootie frooties look really good against the red cushion. Absolutely did not arrange this just to see what they would look like. No.
Arrange to meet friend for coffee at three to catch up. Catch up with house mate. Go to see friend who has had a baby while I've been away. Have lunch, invite boy-next-door over for lunch, make lots more tea for everybody. Agree to wait for next-door's new TV delivery and re-arrange coffee at 3 for after delivery arrives. Eventually get round to putting first load of laundry on. Chat on phone to another friend to catch up for a long time. Move stuff in from car (you didn't think that mess in the bedroom was all did you)?!!
Laundry done, only caught enough sunlight to let one load dry outdoors, but actually have caught up on laundry. Admire how pretty Britain all looks (apart from our grass which hadn't been mowed in 5 months. Bad housemate, bad.)
Decide to check on emails and update blogger. Gimp photos together so that outdoors pictures have both foreground and background in focus and nicely lit. Very important.

I might get around to sorting out piles of things next: 
'war' things | paperwork | rubbish recyclable | rubbish compost-able | rubbish useable | just rubbish | things to put away | crafts things to organise

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