Sunday, 15 November 2009

Art Journal Page

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


It came! Along with multiples of junk mail address to people on several different streets, my Hooked on Exchanging (Because it's Pink) package came through!!
My partner was Carol S and she stitched me Rosebuds and Pearls Fob by the Drawn Thread. She also sent scissors, lip glosses, some great charms, a bookmark, variegated pink embroidery floss and some lovely pink linens to stitch on in the future :)

The fob is now sitting with my other prides of joy on the windowsill :)
Thank you Carol!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sweetie Petite Blog Win

A while ago I left a comment on Lisa of theredthreads blog where she was doing a blog giveaway... and I was one of the lucky winners!!! Theres been a postal strike here in the UK and I received the package a few days ago (but I think it had been in the backlog judging by the postal date) so I hope Lisa hasn't been thinking I've been ignoring the package!

'Ginger' and her little bluebird friend were so quick and easy to make and I loved the whole set. I made a video so others thinking of buying their own sweetie petite could see the ease of the project and a the quality of the package and fabric (lovely)! Also those little notecards are so cute but I'll probably end up framing them as a set rather than using them as notes!

Binding a Quilt with Mitred Corners

I posted this video a while ago and it had a huge number of views early on - turns out someone posted it on a sewing forum where several people have it as a 'favourite' but no-one told me!!!!