Wednesday, 8 April 2009

New Hair

...just the cut today, colour tomorrow.  Amongst ironing, folding and the gym, this took up all my evening tonight. DB also managed to call. He has finished all his flying in Afghanistan and will hopefully be returning very very soon :D

I received an email from DB's mum tonight about RED FRIDAY. It seems this started in the US and Canada. It means everyone who supports our troops should wear red every Friday 'until they come home' - I guess I'll have to try to remember this every Friday for a long time :)

Its a good thing my outfit for picking up DB has good chunks of red in it :) I'll have to accessorise with lots of red too :D

Oooh, all air traffic exams passed, all 'tickets' bar one re-gained. Just one more short session for the last. A very successful week work wise :)

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