Sunday, 19 April 2009

First sampler stitching

First stitching sampler style :)
Figured I'd start out making these postcard-sized. I'm sure I can change my mind later if I don't like that format any more.
This piece is on white 28 count evenweave using DMC 125 (variegated green), DMC 103 (variegated blue), and DMC 741 (orange).
It (so far) features in order:
running stitch,
running stitch doubled back onto itself to create slightly stripey backstitch,
threaded backstitch with varying tension and 1 and 2 strand experiments
threaded running stitch
threaded double backstitch
interlaced double running stitch
stepped threaded running stitch
interlaced running stitch
whipped running stitch
threaded running stitch experiments in placing to create 'waves'
big block of cross stitch because I felt like it needed a splodge of orange, I don't know where this came from as I don't usually like orange!
interlaced double running stitch variations
stepped threaded running stitch variations
interlaced double running stitch

I plan to couch some ribbon on in various ways and add a few more backstitch/running stitch variants to finish this postcard off.

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