Tuesday, 7 April 2009

:D Plans

I've just booked here to whisk an unsuspecting DB to when he gets home.

'WHAT?' You ask... 'With the unpredictability and inevitable delay on embarking on any military journey?!' 

'Ah' I say, 'I made enquiries at several venues and this one just happened to have an ex-army receptionist who is married to an ex-army husband and celebrating the return of a friend from Afghanistan this very weekend. Not only did she completely understand that I might want to delay the two booked nights, but she gave me a discount and found the best room she could offer'

And it just happens to be very close to DBs parent's home, so I won't be stealing him away completely... in fact, I'm trying to call DB's mum now to tell her the news and make plans :)

Lucky DB doesn't read this blog huh :)

And in other news... I *thought* I resolved the gym problem today but turned up to a Body Pump class to find my membership has been suspended! The receptionist however was very kind - evidently this company causes A LOT of problems for members so she gave me the class on a 'complementary' ticket :)

Oh, and I passed my exams fine :) Hopefully ready to get all my 'tickets' back tomorrow and be able to control some air traffic in the UK again!

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