Friday, 26 December 2008

HUGE Stash Delivery and Rose Lady Progress

Arrived from Black Sheep:
Hang in there, the sorceror, the sorceress

mademoiselle and pretty in pink,

tinkerbelle, prilla and rani (fira out of stock for a while)

From Tandem Cottage:

supplies to stitch art deco lady who looks like this up close:

also from Tandem Cottage ALL THE DMC COLOURS!!!! I'm so excited about this!

Look how pretty the colours are!

and I wasn't expecting to get the variated colours too!!

Meanwhile, here was the progress at the beginning of todays (yesterdays?) night shift, I've done a bit more on her skirt since but not enough for another photo!!!

I've also asked to join Hooked on Exchanging (Too) so hopefully might be getting involved in the wonderful world of stitchers postings and receivings :)

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