Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Corrimec Decoration and Post!

OK, this is what our corrimec (portacabin-style room) used to look like.

... and this is after decoration. For those who might be confused, our beds are underneath the wood covered section. They are basically brick cubby-holes with mattresses in. They protect us from all the bad stuff :)

I added nicer sheets of wood, covered the bricks with green fabric, and ordered 'picture wallpaper' which I 'hung' this morning (with industrial strength double-sided sticky tape!

The only money spent was about £30 on the posters (I still have two left) and £8 on the green fabric, but my 'home' is so much nicer now!

I then put up some rather sparse christmas decorations, but they still look nice...

twinkles... and a card line but I hung crackers on it as I only have 2 cards so far and both are inside my bedspace!

AND... guess what came in the post!
...and what I stitched on night shift 1...

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