Monday, 8 December 2008


I've finished work early today, and as I'm on night shift I've decided to stay awake and browse for the rest of the night! As a result I've found loads of things I'd like to do one day maybe....!
I've also spent hours making a post which didn't save - with perfect layouts for pictures and everything :( I think I'll post this to make sure it works then come back to it to add the images that didn't save
- if I can find them again!
-Edit - I think i've found them all again now :)

I know I'll never do all of them but maybe I'll look back for inspiration on what to get next, and update this 'wish list' along the way!

Just Nan - Barnabees Quest
Nimue - Clair de Lune
Miribilia - Mother's Arms, Santa's Magic, Midsummer Night's Fairy ( I think I may already have her chart!) and the Season Queens


Lanarte - Marjolein Bastin - Brush/Bird
Lanarte - Marjolein Bastin - Vera the Mouse - Dressing (though this was hard to find, might have to get it from abroad)
Nimue - The Swing


Just Nan - Royal Butterflies
Nimue - Fairy Dust
Disney Fairy Series


A Stash Photo album- what a brilliant idea! Organisational and crafty in itself!
I've decided I'll treat myself when I get home to the entire DMC/Anchor (both?!) standard colours range. That way charts and little "I'd stitch it now if I had the stuff" magazine projects are easily accessible to me too. Now I need to think of a pretty and practical way to store them. I wind them onto the cardboard flat bobbins but don't like the plastic boxes they then get stored in. I don't want to shell out for one of those expensive wooden chests you see advertised in the magazines all the time though!

Also - if I stitched so many needlerolls, emerys and biscornus, where do you display them without the decorations looking 'bitty'?!

I've discovered a few things about my tastes when it comes to designs: I'm loving:
-Pretty women
-Blue tits
-Bright greens and blues
-Smaller designs generally from magazines and larger from purchasing kits and charts

I'm not loving:
-Repetitive designs - haven't I just stitched this fourteen hour long section?
-Large photo-like designs (I would never in a million years finish that!)
-Really really old looking designs - I don't want my walls to look like a victorian grandmothers!

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