Thursday, 30 July 2009

More Crochet

After declaring that I wasn't inclined to make full size clothing and granny squares with crochet, I went ahead and started to make... granny squares... then started a cardigan. I figured I'd try to follow a load of tutorials to learn the basic crochet stitches and realised granny squares could be like the crochet 'sampler'. I'm doing them all in these colours:
...which I feel look like a heather/woodland mix. You can see the ones I've made so far, as well as the start of 1st an abandoned cardigan pattern then at the bottom of the picture the start of the one I'm in the middle of now.
The cardigan is going to be a holey (quick) crochet stitched tie-wrap number and I'm measuring and deciding on shape as I go.
I also sewed some odd buttons onto my amigurumi egg and fuzz-ball :)

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