Monday, 20 July 2009

I can crochet!!!

I've been following June's 'Planet June' blog for a while and really admire her crochet patterns - she actually made me wish I could crochet whereas granny square quilts and full size clothing don't! After following her tutorials and several on youtube when I got stuck, I've managed these three using a bag of wool I picked up at a car boot which handily had some needles in...
They are left to right: Basic Rose (donation ware) | Amigurumi Acorn (freebie) made just as an amigurumi egg | Mini Fuzzball (freebie)

This is what the yarn I used for the fuzzball looks like - it was very fiddly but the only 'fuzzy' stuff I had!!
I'm pretty happy I actually managed to crochet something let alone three 'somethings' :D

Right, I'm off to go make a donation after using the rose pattern :)