Sunday, 9 August 2009

Lost Dollz :(

When I was at Uni I discovered an online art that was 'dollz'. Spelling with a 'z' seemed to mean searching was easier and took away conventional doll results. Dollz are pixel art figures, you start with a 'base' which is an image of a figure with no clothes and no hair. You then digitally draw on hair and clothing to create the finished doll. In my time 'dolling' I had a website showcasing my dollz and entered several contests where I won a few prizes. I must have spent hours and hours dolling. But I neglected my dollz and site occasionally as my crafting took me in other directions and now I realise my dollz site lapsed without me realising. In the meantime I changed computer and my old computer died. So I've lost all that work :(
I remembered I uploaded once to an online image storage site and managed to find the doll above. I can't remember which 'doller' created the base - I really should be mentioning and linking them to give them due credit. I remember I originally made this for a 'geisha' contest. She wasn't my best and I really wish I could get my dollz back to showcase again :(
I might stumble upon a file now and then to display but I think most are lost forever!

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