Friday, 4 May 2012

Other things I've been doing...

Bad picture I know - but I made this tree centre piece with dry oasis, a hot glue gun and baubles with the tops cut off.

I also re-covered my ironing board with new ironing board underlining

I made these two cushion covers (slight artistic modifications from my youTube upcycled jacket cushion covers video)

More recently, I also have worked on overhauling the upstairs space in my friends salon. She wanted two cubicles in this area to be able to use for beauty treatments.

Half way through... marking out the cubicle spaces:

After hanging the homemade curtains...

After hanging the photo mural wallpaper (the sections are on curtain panels so they can be slid away)

Psst... I also created a separate blog which has my wedding prep stuff on it... I've been a bit busier over there! No space for any prying fiancĂ© eyes though...!

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