Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Paper apples

I saw these recycled paper 3d ornaments in a few places so decided to make a few of my own!

Decide on a symetrical motif and bend in half. Cut 8 HALVES from cardboard and 8 WHOLES from recycled decorative papers.

Glue paper to two cardboard halves, repeat until all the cardboard halves are used. 

You should now have 4 thick versions and 4 paper versions.

Fold the cardboard covered in paper pieces in half with the paper side inwards and place two together to make up another whole.

Glue a paper section to join the two halves.

COntinue to join the cardboard sections in the same way all the way round, the last one might be quite fiddly but will be easier if the other sections have dried and can be folded out.

Leave to dry thoroughly. Peg or leave under a book if some sections aren't sticking well.

Heres my fireplace with the recycled 3d ornaments - I have apples and a few different styles of tree!

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