Tuesday, 17 July 2012

This is why I collect 'treasure'

I, like many crafters, collect things. Buttons, scraps, beads etc etc. So when my little sister said she was going to buy some sort of belt for the Summer Ball I asked what sort of thing she was thinking and we collaborated to create a belt buckle design for her.

First I sewed a layer of net to both sides of a felt shape using just running stitch and whip stitch. 

Then I sewed on bugle and seed beads (individually was easiest!) And satin stitched the ends with metallic thread.

Then came various buttons to fill in the remaining space

On the back I surrounded corsetry steel with more net and then used that net to sew it to the back. I added two buckles so that it can be put onto a belt.

Et voila! A belt that is inspired by and matches my sisters handbag. Money spent: £0.00.

...She'll probably kill me for putting this in but this is the only picture at the ball that shows the belt! This is past the midnight marker so not so flattering!

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